The New Normal

The New Normal   Recap from last week: Unresolved resentment escalates into relationship-breaking conflicts.   The best option is to resolve conflict quickly and early.   Inevitably, there will be times when a loved one disappoints, hurts, or betrays you. (Genesis 37:1-28)   The Secret Truths about Betrayal   Betrayal destroys the normalcy of life, […]

A Tale of Two Brothers

A Tale of Two Brothers Genesis 25:20   The Anatomy of Family Dynamics   Family dynamics form before the events that need to be corrected. (Genesis 25:20-26)   Back stories inform the current   Resentment often arises out of perceived differences, favoritism, and entitlement. Genesis 25:27-34   Unresolved resentment escalates into relationship-breaking conflicts. Genesis 26:34-27:46 […]

The Dysfunctional Normal

Hey Capstone, Last weekend, we had a beautiful time in worship as many of you joined the church. You took the vows, remembered your baptisms, and committed to the mission of Jesus through the Capstone. For me, it was one of the most meaningful days in the history of this church. Especially during the baptism […]

Partners, Not Members

Partners, Not Members Philemon 4-7 ***NOTE: please click here for more information on becoming a Capstone Partner or here for more information on making a financial pledge to The Capstone in 2015.*** We do not invite people to become members. We invite people to partner with Jesus through the The Capstone UMC to reach people who […]

Partner With Us This Sunday

Capstone! We have an incredibly big day Sunday! You may know that during the month of November, we are partnering with Holt UMC to serve the community around that church. Last weekend, we held a block party. Over 100 residents drop by! It was a great day. This Sunday, we are hosting, along with Tuscaloosa One […]

The Treasure Principle

The Treasure Principle Matthew 6:19-23   Following Jesus demands a paradigm shift from earthly treasures to heavenly treasures.    The Treasure Principle The things you treasure in life will always transform your life.   At the Capstone UMC, we treasure: Faith Reason Action   Yet, our ultimate treasure is Jesus Christ, known and made known.  The […]

The Once Bright and Morning Star

The Once Bright and Morning Star Job 1:6-12   A Complicated History of the Devil The earliest biblical accounts connect God with a Divine Assembly.   In an effort to explain suffering, humans believed that, within his court, God designated an accuser of humanity.   “ha satan” = hebrew for “the accuser” used for humans […]

Pastor’s eNote: October 17, 2014

Hey Capstone! Last week, we finished up our series Making Sense of the Bible. I’m excited to report that 177 people experienced Capstone on a Sunday over the course of this series, making it the largest series we’ve ever done (by the numbers). Additionally, you gave enough money to provide 47 Bibles through Samaritan’s Purse […]

The Bible and Sexuality

The Bible and Sexuality Matthew 13:24-30   Genesis 19:1-11 Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13 Judges 19:16-24 Romans 1:18-32 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 1 Timothy 1:8-10 Revelation 21:8     This is bigger than right and wrong. For some people, it’s life and death, knowing God or not.   The Right Question “Can someone who is gay or […]