ENote for 6/26/15

Today, the Supreme Court made a decision to legalize same-sex marriage in America. As expected, Christian opinions are wide-ranging, and loud. The thing that I would encourage you to do, regardless of your stance on this issue, is pray and maintain love, particularly for those with whom you disagree. It’s very easy to villainize others. Rise above […]

Pray for Charleston

This week, we saw yet another tragic/frustrating/racially charged act of violence in our nation. This time it happened in a church, a sister Methodist church from the AME community in fact. And it happened during a prayer meeting. 9 people were killed, including the pastor. As I struggle for the exact words to say, I […]

5/29/15 Pastor’s eNote

Happy Friday! On June 7, we will celebrate confirmation Sunday. That is, a few of our teenagers who have been meeting and studying about faith in Jesus Christ will publicly make vows to both Jesus Christ and his church. I always tell people that in baptism, God claims us as His children, but in confirmation, […]

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Silence is Golden You have probably heard the phrase “Silence is Golden”. But there is a longer version of the proverb, “Godly conversation is like refined silver, but silence is pure gold.” Run a search an on-line on psychology, science and silence and you will find hundreds of studies done in the last few years […]

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Drinking Deeply the Living Water When he was a very young man, theologian James Bryan Smith got a chance to meet the renowned spiritual writer Henri Nouwen. Bryan knew exactly what he wanted to ask the great writer. “Which seminary would be best to nurture my spiritual life?” The reply surprised the young man. “None […]